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Installing Custom Lighting On Your Truck

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Trucks used for work often need special equipment to make the work they do easier. Custom truck lighting can make a significant difference if you work in dark areas and lack exterior lighting or for trucks used offroad where it is difficult for the driver to see around them. 

Work Lights

Custom truck lighting is sometimes called work lighting, and the types and sizes of the available lighting available allow you to find the right ones for your situation. If you are using your lights when the truck is parked, you may want some large LED lights that can light up a large area around the truck and work area and will draw less power to ensure they do not run the batteries down in the vehicle. 

Custom truck lights are also helpful for trucks that need additional lighting to back up a trailer at night or navigate dark areas. These lights are typically stationary, so finding the best place to put them is essential. The lights should also be durable so they can withstand an impact as you are driving.

LED Lights 

Custom truck lighting that you depend on regularly needs to be dependable, and using LED lights has benefits that you may not realize. The lights are bright, and the power level can be adjusted on most LED systems to make them more effective. The lights use many small light-emitting diodes in place of the older style bulbs, and they do not have a filament to break or fail, so the durability of the LED lights is very high.

Because the diodes are small, they also draw a low amount of electricity, don't produce a lot of heat, and the life expectancy is much better than standard light bulbs. The cost of replacement lights is often higher, but offset of the longer life often makes LED lights much more affordable. Many companies are producing LED lights to use in place of all your older custom truck lighting, and you can even upgrade the headlights, taillights, and running lights on your truck with LED light assemblies. 

Offroad Lights

Custom truck lighting is not always for work trucks, and many offroad vehicles use them to make it possible to see in the dark when deep in the woods. The type and size of the lights used this way have changed over the years, but they still need to provide the same coverage or do the same job. 

Installing new lights on your truck is not difficult, but you can have an auto electrical shop or your local mechanic help you with them if you are not comfortable handling the installation yourself. Many custom lights come with installation kits and instructions to make installing them more manageable.

For more information on custom truck lighting, contact a professional near you