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Aftermarket Parts and Specialized Work Vehicles

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Heavy-duty work vehicles come in a bewildering array of shapes and sizes. These trucks exist for an almost uncountable number of roles, from railroad maintenance vehicles to self-loading crane flatbeds. Most of these specialized vehicles use underlying platforms from recognizable manufacturers, but the role-specific bodies and equipment often come from third-parties. When a single truck in your fleet has two (or more!) manufacturers, it can sometimes be challenging to know how to select parts. Read More»

3 Important Tips to Consider When Renting an RV for a Luxurious Road Trip

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There’s nothing better than traveling the country in an RV. These luxury vehicles come fully loaded with all sorts of amenities. If you don’t plan on using an RV often, though, a rental will be a better investment. It will work out in your favor too when you consider these tips.  Ensure There’s Enough Interior Space One of the most important factors to assess with an RV is interior space. There needs to be plenty of room for everyone in your travel group. Read More»

The Three Most Common Signs That Your Car Needs Wheel Alignment

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Wheel alignment, also called tire alignment, should be done about every 6,000 miles or as needed because your tires are not aligned. Your tires can get out of alignment if you hit a curb, hit a pothole or even get in a car accident. Keeping your wheels aligned helps your tires to wear at an even rate, which ultimately helps them to last as long as they are designed to. Learning the signs of your tires being unaligned will help you determine when professional tire alignment is needed. Read More»

Steps On How You Should Proceed When You Receive A Recall Notice In The Mail

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When you own a vehicle, you’re responsible for its upkeep. However, you may occasionally learn about a manufacturer’s recall on a particular part of your vehicle, which means that you’ll need to arrange to have the issue addressed at a local auto repair shop. If you haven’t previously dealt with a recall notice on any of your vehicles, you might feel a little frazzled about this event and perhaps even ignore the notice. Read More»

What Is The Best Running Board For Your Truck?

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It is possible that you bought a truck or SUV that doesn’t have a way to step into the higher cab, and perhaps your family and friends find it a bit difficult. You can buy aftermarket truck running boards either brand new or used to help with this problem. There are a few different styles you can choose from and it will depend on your budget and preference as to which one is best for your truck. Read More»

Five Mistakes To Avoid When You're Traveling Cross Country In A Camper For The First Time

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When you travel cross country in a camper, you enjoy an amazing amount of freedom to visit, tour, and camp out wherever you want. The advantages of camper travel are obvious, but some of the potential pitfalls might be hard to foresee before you make your first trip. If you want to get the most out of your first cross country camper trip, avoid the following five common beginner mistakes:  Read More»

In The Market For Another Car? Why You Should Get A Brand New Model

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If you’re looking to get another car, you typically have two choices: new or used.  While you may be looking at a used car because you’re thinking that it may be a good way to save money, it might be an even better option to get a new model.  New cars offer a number of great benefits that you may find to be incredibly advantageous to you.  Use this information to learn more about why your next car should be a brand new one. Read More»

3 Tips To Keep In Mind If You're New To Operating A Trailer

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If you are pulling a trailer with your vehicle for the first time, here are three tips that you need to keep in mind. #1 Always Know Your Weight Limits One of the most important things that you need to know is your weight limit. To start with, you need to know the towing weight limit of the vehicle that you are driving. For example, your small compact car may have a lower towing weight limit than a full size truck. Read More»

3 Reasons To Buy Your Used Semi From A Dealer

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If you are looking to purchase a used semi truck, such as if you are an owner-operator or need to purchase a new truck for your business, then you could be scouring all of the local classifieds to look for options. Even though you might find some seemingly good deals from individuals who are selling their trucks, however, it’s often a better idea to go to a dealership that specializes in selling used rigs. Read More»