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Roll Out The Benefits Of Using A Rolling Tarp System

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Truckers often haul precious cargo on trailers from point A to point B. Although some truckers can load goods into the back of semitrailers, others must use a flatbed trailer for hauling. The problem with flatbed trailers is that it leaves cargo vulnerable to damage. In such instances, tarps are used to cover and protect the cargo. Truckers who opt to use a rolling tarp system can greatly benefit in many ways.

Reduction in Hours Spent Laboring

Manually placing a tarp over a trailer is not an easy task. It involves pulling the tarp up and over so it covers the cargo on the trailer. Then, the trucker must ensure the tarp is even, tuck the corners, and secure everything in place using bungies, straps, or both. If everything is done right, the tarp should remain in place despite traveling speeds, winds, and inclement weather.

Unfortunately, manually placing a tarp on a trailer can take an hour. In some cases, it can take several hours if the trucker is working under adverse weather conditions. Age is also a factor. The older the trucker, the harder it is to work a tarp manually over a load of cargo. Rolling tarps take just minutes, thus reducing the time and labor a trucker spends securing cargo.

More Secure and Less Injury

Another benefit of using a rolling tarp system is the fact that it adds extra security and reduces the risk of injury. A tarp can weigh anywhere from 65 to 100 pounds and up. Working with a heavy material can create the risk of back injuries. Take into consideration that the average age of truckers in the industry is 55, and you have an even higher risk of back injuries.

As a person ages, they face developing risk factors for back pain development. For instance, aging individuals may experience osteoporosis, which reduces bone strength. The body also tends to lose muscle tone and elasticity, all of which increase back injury risks. Now imagine, with all of those factors in place, an aging truck driver attempting to secure a 65- to 100-pound tarp.

If your body is out of shape, it can reduce the security of your tarp. You may find it harder to secure the tarp in place properly. A rolling tarp system reduces back injury because it gets rid of the need for heavy lifting. A machine pulls that tarp over your cargo so it is taut, which also improves the security of your load.

Increased Time for Earning

Many truck drivers receive a per mile salary. The per mile salary rate ranges between $0.28 and $0.40 cents a mile. Highly skilled drivers employed by the right company may receive up to $0.45 a mile. Therefore, the more time a driver spends on the road driving, the more money he or she makes.

Drivers are allowed to drive no more than 11 hours in a day, and they must take a 30-minute break once they reach their eighth hour. If a driver must spend an hour or more placing a tarp on a load of cargo, it reduces the amount of money he or she can earn. Since a tarp system can secure the tarp over the load in just minutes, it maximizes the amount of time a driver can work, thus increasing their earnings.

If you would like to learn more about tarp systems, it is best to speak to a qualified professional or supplier. A tarp system can greatly improve your life and provide a wealth of benefits that any truck driver would appreciate. Whether you are a freelance trucker or you work for a company, it would be worth looking into the use of a tarp system for your cargo loads.