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What Is The Best Running Board For Your Truck?

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It is possible that you bought a truck or SUV that doesn't have a way to step into the higher cab, and perhaps your family and friends find it a bit difficult. You can buy aftermarket truck running boards either brand new or used to help with this problem. There are a few different styles you can choose from and it will depend on your budget and preference as to which one is best for your truck.


One of the more popular running boards you will find on trucks or SUVs is known as the sidestep running board. They are sturdy and provide a great means for your passengers to get into and out of your truck easily and they come in either stainless steel or black running boards. This is one of the more cost-efficient steps but it will usually suit the style of your truck and give you peace of mind to you that your passengers are able to hop into your vehicle safely.


One of the common types of running boards are known as car-length bars. They will span the trucks both seating sections (should it have a double cab) and it has two step pads on each side of the bar. These bars are not as wide as sidesteps but they do provide a sturdy, stainless steel step that is easy to step onto. It is possible to get a bar that will extend right back into the bed part of your truck so you can step up either onto the side of your truck or the back to get a look to see what you are carrying, or to place items into the bed. These bars typically will not rust as they are made from corrosion resistant stainless steel material. They do come in silver or black, it is possible to have them painted to match your truck color should you desire.

Retractable Running Boards

If you can afford to spend a bit more on your running board, then you might want to consider purchasing and installing a retractable sidestep. There are various styles to choose from, but they really do give your truck a great look and gives your passengers a sturdy step. Retractable steps can either run the length of the seating cab, or they can be placed under each door alone, so acting as a single step for that door. They disappear completely under the truck and re-appears automatically when you open the door.